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What kinds of skills are needed to become a scientist and what about my future plans?

04.03.11, 09:09 (comments: 1)

When I started my scientific career, I had no clear picture about the work of a scientist, but later I experienced that the success of being successful in this field depends on your own effort, self-motivation, creativity and the collaboration with strong cooperation partners.

After the Postdoc phase I would like to become a senior scientist, which basically means to have my own working group and advise my own students. This is the aim I would like to achieve within the next years and hopefully by the time our son has to attend school. One step towards this aim is to consolidate my methodological knowledge, broaden my ecological expertise, confirm my fund raising skills, and prove my group leader qualities.

During a talk at the institute of a colleague of my doctor mother I was offered the opportunity to work as a Postdoc in the U.S. This will be an excellent opportunity to move towards my future goal because doing a project in a new working group will help me to sharpen my scientific profile. Therefore, we will move to the US in April and I´m very lucky because my family comes with me.

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Comment by Giebert und Dick | 02.12.11

Interesting blog!
my Question to you:
What does postdoc phase mean?


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