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Summer Science Camp 2012 - Blog

The Polish participants

10.07.12, 13:42 by Regina Terlecka (comments: 0)

Polish team
Polish team

The Polish students that have qualified to the camp are: Karolina, Kasia, Filip, Kuba, Tomasz and Magda - their teacher.

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/Karolina1.jpg  Karolina

Hey, I’m Karolina, I’m 16 years old and I’m a member of the Polish team in Klaipeda, Lithuania.As all the participants I’m into marine sciences and can’t wait to discover more about Baltic Sea. Besides, I’m in love with fantasy books, like Lord of The Rings, comics and rock music. I’m looking forward to meet you all in August!

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/Kasia Skorska.jpg  Kasia

Hi everybody, My full name is Katarzyna Skórska, but you can call me Kasia. I live in a big town Szczecin, where I attend my secondary school. I’m learning English and German but I also know Russian. In my free time I especially like listening to music, there’s no day without this. I’m really into reading book and geography but biology is also great subject. To be honest, I don’t like introducing myself, I like this and I don’t like this etc., I think better is to get know each other face to face.

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/Filip.jpg  Filip

My name is Filip, I'm 17 years old and I'm keen on travelling. My parents took me everywhere they went - I wasn't even able to walk but I already knew what Reichstag looks like! My second passion is water and everything which is connected with it. The moment when I can lay on the surface of the ocean and just relax is priceless for me. As far as school is concerned, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are my favourite subjects.

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/Kuba.jpg  Kuba

Hi, my name is Kuba, I`m 16 years old. I`m keen on science, especially on natural science. I`m interested in our sea from my childhood. As a child I took part in many competitions on this topic. Also I love Baltic, because I love Gdynia - my city. Without sea, my city wouldn`t ever grow up, and to this days will be still a small village.

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/Tomek.jpg  Tomek

Hi folks, My name is Tomek, I am 15 years old and I live in Sopot - a city just by the Baltic Sea, in Gdańsk Bay. Along with Gdynia and Gdańsk, Sopot is a part of Tri City. I study in lower secondary school in a sailing class and I am starting my third year there after this summer. I love every kind of sport, sailing and cycling are my favourites. Besides doing sports, in my spare time I like watching good movies and (obviously) hanging out with my friends. I listen to almost every music genre, with a predominance of indie rock and drum & bass. Studying foreign languages gives me a great satisfaction, that is why English is my favourite subject. I am incredibly interested about what is going on all over the world. Meeting new people is one the things I really, really enjoy, therefore I’m looking forward to finally meet you all! Tom

tl_files/blogs/2012_sciencecamp/p.Magda.jpg  Magda - the teacher

My name is Magda. I teach English and supervise all kinds of international projects at my school. I absolutely enjoy teaching, I love travelling, gaining new experiences, reading.  I'm quite excited to read and enrich my own knowledge through the works of many individuals whose fields of interest and points of view differ from mine - it helps me understand how things work around. I am also a true animal lover - I have got two cats.

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