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Summer Science Camp 2012 - Blog

Expedition Day

19.08.12, 21:50 by Marija Kataržytė (comments: 1)

Today we went on our first field trip; we went to the Curonian Lagoon – on a boat! Yesterday we were introduced to the marine measurement equipment for today’s expedition. We’ve been divided into five different research groups, with one student representing each country. Together with the teachers and scientists we walked down to the dock, where the boat picked us up. The first station where we took our first samples was just beside the dock, and afterwards we began our journey to the next stations. Every time we finished taking samples we switched clockwise to try a new sampling method.


We analyzed the bottom sediments by means of a metal grab. We cleansed the sediments of mud and sand to find shells and small animals – and we even found small pieces of amber.

Other analysis’ was the waters transparency, salinity and chlorophyll concentration.


It was a long trip – even for the experienced scientists.


Hydrographic measurements (salinity, oxygen etc.)


Water sampling


Cyano bacteria measurements

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Comment by Lena Fassnacht | 20.08.12

Greetings from Germany again! How did you like your first expedition? What did you like best? It looks to me as if you've already dived deep into science! I sure hope no-one got sea-sick. You folks seem to be coping quite well with English - cheers!
Looking forward to the next blog, Lena

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