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New series of blogs

With heart and mind committed to the sea: marine scientists report about their work on a series of blogs.

The blogs offer a look behind the scenes of marine science, a firsthand account of the job. It is also an opportunity for young people to contact the scientists directly and ask questions. The first to write about her work is Natalie Loick-Wilde. She is a marine biologist, whose specialty is the marine nitrogen cycle. As one of the most important cycles, it is essential for life in the ocean.

Introduce yourself

Hi, I am Sven and I am a marine biologist working at the Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research. My task within in WebLab project is to select and cut down scientific knowledge from the field of Baltic Sea research to be used for the eLearning modules. This is a very challenging task as marine scientists are normally not used to work together with computer scientists. However, my main motivation is to offer pupils an indepth insight into various aspects of marine research.

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Welcome to the Institute of Oceanology

Workshop in Sopot, 2011 - Blog