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Workshop September 2011, Sopot

Continuing a crossborder exchange of experience

On Monday 12th  September, the workshop dedicated to our topic 'Science Meets School' was held in Sopot, Poland. The invited participants were researchers, teachers, school students and members of school authorities - all together about 100 people from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

Our meeting was under the Honorary Patronage of the Education Board of the Pomeranian Region (Pomorskie Kuratorium Oświaty). Ms Beata Wolak - the Director of Educational Development and Support, representing the Board, gave a welcome speech to the audience. She pointed out that the Polish Ministry of Education announced the school year 2011/2012 as 'The Year of School with Passion'. School is not only about lessons but also about cooperation with external stakeholders, local authorities and institutions. School students who are engaged in various projects find the school in general more attractive and as a result, learning can become a passion. The board of trustees emphasised that the meeting and the WebLab project meet this goal and that initiatives like the WebLab, science camps and e-learning modules are very useful and important to make school offers more exciting and attractive.    

We had a discussion about the experiences regarding the cooperation between schools and research institutions as well as about what it feels like to be a scientist. During the meeting, participants of the science camp 2011 at  Biała Góra - school students  presented the results of the workshop and their camp experiences.

This was an opportunity to watch the presentation on dissemination activities of the cooperation between schools and research institutions (MARISCHOOL, I ALO, IO PAN).

The big question during the discussion was: What is it like to be a scientist? It’s said that scientists are a little bit crazy. Students answered to this question: Yes - but it is also COOL for young people. Scientists are conducting research and it is fascinating!   

Scientists learn a lot form students, too. They do know that their scientific language must be understood by a larger audience and it is worth to improve it for better communication with young people. They learned that young people are interested in so many things and sometimes ask very difficult questions. Plus the work with young students is very pleasant as students are well motivated and disciplined and have a good sense of humour – all these factors together make working together a great thing!

The last point on the agenda was the poster presentation: 5 posters of S.C. 2011, 5 posters of S.C. 2010 and 7 posters from the institutions from Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

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